We Are LINE-X of Roselle

Steve Kyle Francisco Victor JR Nahum Tom Tony Ed


Meet Steve


Steve started his franchise 20 years ago with two core values: do right by the customer and treat every vehicle like it’s your own. These values and his attention to detail have driven his franchise to the number one dealer in North America, and keep his store consistently ranked in the top 10 in North America.

Steve got started working on lawn mowers at the age of 12 and graduated to motor cross bikes at 14. At 16 he bought a 1973 Firebird, which he rebuilt and sold, leading to his career. After high school he started working at a high-performance shop, sweeping floors and doing all the dirty work so he could get his foot in the door. In just five years, he worked his way to shop foreman in charge of building everything from high-performance street cars to top-end race cars. He even worked as a crew member for a top fuel race team.

After a while Steve looked for a new challenge. He sold his beloved Camaro so he could buy a Rosati’s pizza franchise. He hustled again. He established his store and decided to branch out with another Rosati’s pizza location. As successful as his stores were, he missed working on cars, and wanted to be home with his kid on nights and weekends, so he sold his stores and bought Line-X.

Steve’s passion and pride are as strong as ever. Stop in and he will take care of you like family.


Meet Kyle


Kyle served his country with honor as a Combat Engineer in the Army before joining Line-X. He has been working at Line-X for close to three years, with over four years of experience installing accessories and spraying liners. When he is not at work, he loves to cook and hang out with family and friends. He appreciates working at Line-X because of the good people and great management. The funniest thing he sprayed with Line-X is a Styrofoam head he named Steve.


Meet Francisco


Francisco is the newcomer, having been been with Line-X for six months. He preps the vehicles to be sprayed and will soon graduate to spraying. He is always trying to learn new things and gain more experience. He is proud to say he works at Line-X because it is the best product on the market. When at home, he loves to spend time with his newborn baby. His other passion outside of work and his family is farming.


Meet Victor


Victor has over eight years experience in the automotive industry, including painting. He has been with Line-X for two years. He enjoys working at Line-X because of all the different products and services, and he is able to gain more experience installing accessories. Outside of work he likes to workout and hang with family. The funniest thing he has sprayed is a milk jug.


Meet JR


JR has eight years of experience painting, detailing, undercoating and spraying trucks, and has been with Line-X for two years. He is always trying to refine his technique and improve, to provide better service. He likes to take a step back when he is done with a truck, admire the finished product before starting the next truck and make that one better. When he is not at work, he likes to stay active and work out. The oddest thing he has sprayed is a pop can.


Meet Nahum


Nahum has been with Line-X two years and was new to the automotive industry when he joined us. He is a quick learner, and now is prepping trucks and spraying. He joined us as a supervisor from a tool and die factory, because he was looking for a new challenge. He learned quickly that we like to have fun at work, and sprayed a cooler shortly after starting. When he is not at work he likes to relax and spend time with his family.


Meet Tom


The great debate is not what came first the chicken or the egg, but who started at Line-X first — Tom or Tony. Tom has been with Line-X now ten years. He is the man who manages the back of the shop and makes sure all the trucks are done the right way. Tom likes to keep things simple. When he is not at work, working on trucks, he enjoys working on his car or other hot rods. Outside of that, Tom likes to sleep. He is proud to say he goes to bed at 7 every night. The funniest thing he has sprayed is an egg.


Meet Tony


Tony has been with Line-X ten years, and hold the trump card over Tom for who started at Line-X first because Tony has been brother to the owner his whole life. At heart Tony is an artist, and brings that passion to work every day and truly has an art form when it comes to spraying trucks. When he is out of the office, he works on his art and learning Spanish. The funniest thing he has sprayed is a Nerf football.


Meet Ed


Ed has over 30 years of body work experience. He has been with Line-X nine years, and enjoys coming in every day and working with his co-workers. He is the son of a celebrity; his mom was the official Gerber baby in the 1930’s. Ed helps with installs and spraying/prepping trucks. When he is not here, you can find him at the bowling alley, playing bags or playing darts.